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The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre has a reference library of over 1,500 books on local history, seamanship, shipping, naval warfare, fishing, maritime arts and crafts and famous seafaring people.

Many of the books are about Scarborough. In “Did you know Scarborough?” there are some useful facts and quiz questions plus a recipe for Scarborough muffins.

Muriel Davidson in “A Wren's Tale” discloses Scarborough's secret link with Bletchley Park as she recalls her work as a radio mechanic at the Scarborough Listening Centre and shows a copy of her Freedom of Bletchley Park certificate in honour of her work there.

“Scarborough's Fishermen and Firemen's Charity Centenary Book” by Marie Belfitt describes the work of the fund from 1893-1993 with photographs of local people and events such as the firemen's tug-of-war team in 1898.

A book by John Leather “Albert Strange, yacht designer and artist” is packed with diagrams of his yachts and copies of this book can be purchased at the Maritime Centre.

There are only a few novels in the library, but the special place goes to Val Woods “Harbour Girl” - a story set in Scarborough from 1880. Val did a lot of her research for the book at the Heritage Centre and her thanks, especially to our Archivist Jennifer, are recorded in the book with praise too for the Centre's web site.(www.scarboroughmaritimeheritage.org.uk).

A cute little book is “The Lifeboat That Died Of Shame “ by Billy Inkwell Ashtray the author's name should be a clue to this humorous tale of a lifeboat repeatedly cast aside by owners.

There are many books on naval warfare and warships with a section devoted to specific ships. Due to the Titanic's connections with Scarborough ther are several book on its fate too.

Plenty of ships have met their fate in the waters around Scarborough. Ron Young has written 3 books about shipwrecks on the East Coast. One of the most famous shipwrecks is that of the Rohilla built, like the Titanic, by Harland and Wolf in Belfast. Rohilla was on her way from Leith Docks to Dunkirk to evacuate troops wounded on the Western Front. She carried 127 crew, 100 medical staff, a Roman Catholic priest and a ship's cat. She crashed on Scar Reef 550 meters from Whitby's towering cliffs.

On a brighter note, let's not forget that Scarborough was a famous Victorian and Edwardian seaside resort and there are lots of old photographs of people enjoying themselves at Scarborough seaside. Queen Victoria wrote in her diary “drove down to the beach with my maid and went into the bathing hut  where I  undressed and bathed… I thought it was delightful”. Bathing huts were very popular in Scarborough and cards depicting  a bathing hut on the South Bay beach can be purchased at the Maritime Centre for £1.

Among the biographies is a book called “Yorkshire Fisherfolk” by  Peter Frank which is packed with photographs such as the Filey flither-pickers in 1865 and tells how the women travelled to Cloughton to get bait. They would lodge in widows cottages paying 3d a night each and sleeping 3 to a bed. A more detailed book about the life of these women is “The Flither Pickers” by Theresa Tomlinson.

Did you know there was a proposal to site an Aerodrome at Scarborough to keep abreast of progressive seaside resorts? The Future Development Of Scarborough explains that it was felt that many routes would be better served by air transport than rail such as Hull and other cities in the West Riding.

All these books are available at Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre's reference library Wednesday to Sunday 11am-4pm.

Here is a list of some of the books that can be accessed in our heritage centre.

Title Author
Scarborough - S
A brief history of the Scarborough 40 club Alan Stainiforth
A Guide to Historic Scarborough SAHS
A guide to historic Scarborough Archaeological and historical society
A place of great importance Jack Binns
A short history of Scarborough & Neighbourhood T C Mintoft
An archaelogical assesment of land adj 22a quay street T Pearson
Architicts & Civil engineers of C19th Scarborough Anne & Paul Bayliss
Down Memory Lane Scarborough Saturday Paper
Essays on Scarborough History Alan Whitworth
Grand Hotel Scarborough 'A sense of style' Bryan Perrett
History of Scarborough T W Bellan & co
I remember SBC
One More Step Joan Bayes
Photographersin Mid Nineteenth Century in Scar'bro Anne & Paul Bayliss
Postcards of Old Scarborough Cliff Hayes
Scaborough Trail NE Geology Trust
Scarboorough Renaissance Charter 2002
Scarborough & Whitby Breweries
Scarborough 966-1966 Edited by Mervyn Edwards
Scarborough a Guide and Souvenir David W Bevan
Scarborough and Local Villages Roy Child
Scarborough and Surrounding Area Max Payne
Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society Transactions
Scarborough Artists of the Nineteenth Century Anne & Paul Bayliss
Scarborough as it was Bryan Berryman
Scarborough Castle T Pearson/K Blood
Scarborough Castle Dpt of Environment
Scarborough Field Naturalists Society 2001 Annual Report
Scarborough Golden Jubilee Evening News
Scarborough Harbour Act 1866 Donated by John Rushton
Scarborough Harbour Act 1866
Scarborough Harbour Acts 1731, 1751,1778 Donated by John Rushton
Scarborough Harbour and Borough P G Farmer
Scarborough Hospital and Dispensary 1852-1902 Anne & Paul Bayliss
Scarborough Maps Photocopies
Scarborough MPs /Scarborough's Mayors (1832-1906) Anne & Paul Bayliss
Scarborough Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation Act Compiled by John Rushton
Scarborough Revisited Roy Child
Scarborough Shoreline Uni of Hull
Scarborough Trail NE Yorkshire Geology Trust
Scarborough' Renewed Splendour Researched Cyril Prescott
Scarborough's Coronia  Tom Machin
Scrapbook Donated by George Westwood
Shipshape & Scarborough fashion Oral Archives
The Blaydes Frnces Bibby
The Crown Hotel Basicst
The Elder Tree Club (Memories Two) Compositor AC Rowley
The History of St Martin's School David Crouch
The Lady of the Rock J P Carter
The Medical Profession in Scarborough1700-1899 Anne & Paul Bayliss
The Scarborough Heritage Trail SBC
The Scarborough Heritage Trail SBC  
The Streets of Scarborough Civic society
The Streets of Scarborough (2 copies) Civic Society
Theakston's Guide to Scarborough
Town Walk 1 - The Old Town and Popular Resort area Civic society
Town Walk 2 - Regency and Victorian Scarbroough, the South Cliff Civic society
Town Walk 3 - the North Side Civic society
Vintage Scarborough Bryan Berryman

Whitby - W
A History of Whitby Andrew White
A walk around the East side of Whitby Harold Brown
A walk around the West side of Whitby Harold Brown
Annual Report 09 Whitby Lit & Phil
Captain Cook Country Tour
Captain James Cook and Whitby C preston
Captain James Cook in Whitby Ships lit and phil
Frank Meadow Sutcliffe Photographer Bill Eglon Shaw
Official Guide to Whitby Horne and Son
Prints of Old Whitby Whitby Lit & Phil
The Voyages of Captain James Cook A.A.C.Hedges
Whitbys Industrial Past Whitby Heritage Centre
Yorkshire Archaelology today York Archaeological Trust

Filey - F
Filey Growth of a Seaside Haven  Crimlisk Fisher Archive
Filey-from Fishing Village to Edwardian Resort (2 copies) Michael Fearon
Filey: A Yorkshire Fishing Town George J Bonwick Master Mariner
Oral History Interviews Filey Vol 2 - 2005-2006
Portsoy in points and pictures Irene E Allen/Andrew A Todd

Hull - H
A Tribute to Hull's Fishing Industry Michael Thompson
Fish Dock (2 copies) Michael Thompson
Fishing from the Humber A Credland
Hull and East Coast Fishing Gordon Pearson
Hull Maritime Heritage Trail Hull City Council
Hull's Side-Fishing Trawling Fleet 1946-1948 Michael Thompson
Hull's Waterfront Philip C. Miles
Hull&Grimsby Stern Trawling Fleet 1961-88 W R Mitchell
Humber Shipping Michael E. Ulyatt&Edward W. Paget-Tomlinson
Humber Shipping M Ulyatt & E Paget Tomlinson
Lost Trawlers of Hull 1835-1987 Alec Gill
The Blades - Shipbuilders of Hull Frances Bibby
The Changing Plan of Hull 1290-1650 Rosemary Horrox
The Crown Hotel 150 years of hospitality
The Hull Whale Fishery Jennifer C Rowley
The Meadley Index to The Hull Advertisier Volume 1 David Parry
The Meadley Index to The Hull Advertisier Volume 2 David Parry
The Story of Hull Alan Avery
Town Docks Museum Hull Borough Council
Town Docks Museum-Kingston Upon Hull Hull City Council
Trinity House of Kingston upon Hull A S Harvey
Ye Olde White Harte Peter Asquith-Cowen

Bridlington - B
A postcard from Bridlington
Bridlington 50 years a Borough
Bygone Bridlington - BK 1 Bridlington Augustian Society
Bygone Bridlington - Bk 2 Bridlington Augustian Society
Bygone Bridlington - BK 3 Bridlington Augustian Society

Grimsby - G
Around Grimsby in old photographs Janet Tierney
Fish'N' Ships John Goddard & Roger Spalding
Grand Old Ladies Steve Richards
Grimbsby at War Clive Hardy
Grimsby Janet Tierney
Grimsby David and Pearl Armstrong
Grimsby Docks Janet Tierney
Grimsby Docks in old photographs x2 James Slater
Grimsby in old photographs Peter Buchan
Grimsby in Old Photos Janet Tierney
Grimsby Trawlers Paul King/Steve Pulfrey
Grimsby's Fighting Fleet Harry C Hutson
Walks around Historic Grimsby David Peasgood

Scottish Ports and Vessels - SC
Above the Tay bridges John Aitken
Blyth The People's History Then and Now Various
Clyde Heritage Guide Clyde waterfront Heritage
Fishing and Whaling (Scotland's past in action) Angus Martin
Ring Net Fishermen Angus Martin
Saving the Explorer SS Explorer Preservation Society
Scottish Fishing Boats Matthew Tanner
Scottish Fishing Monthly Keith Broomfield
The Clyde Puffer Dan McDonald
The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival 2005 

Fishing - FI
A history of the Yorkshire Coast Fishing industry 1780-1914 Robb Robinson
A Pioneer of The Fishing Industry Jerry Eunson
An album of Sea Fishes John Player & sons
An eye on the Coast Gloria Wilson
Ancient Land: Sacred Whale Tom Lowenstein
Fishing Boat Names of the UK James Slater
Fishing from the Humber Arthur G Credland
Fishing Vessels of Britain & Ireland 1999 Fishing News
Fishing Vessels of Britain and Ireland 1999
Fleetwood's Fishing Industry Peter Horsley/Alan Hirst
Herring Mike Smylie
Herring Heydays  K W Kent
Life on a Whaler Source materials from research papers
Life On The Edge Quentin Bates
Lovely she goes William Mitford
Lydia Eva YH89 - The Last Steam Drifter Charles Lewis
Official year book and diary of the national federation of Fishermans Organisations
Official year book and diary of the national federation of Fishermans Organisations
Sailing Fishermen Tops'1Books
Steam Fishermen in old photographs Ford Jenkins collection
The driftermen David Butcher
The Fish Trade in Yorkshire 1500-1700
The Fisherman 'People at work' WR Hamilton/AR Woolley/AC Bishop
The Fishing Industry, Milford Haven Milford Docks
The Flither Pickers Thersa Tomlinson
The Pyman Story Compiled by Michael Thompson
The Real Price of Fish Georgie F. Ritchie
The Sea Fisheries J T Jenkins
The Skipper Roger Nowell & Jeremy Mills
The Whale's Tale Frederick P Schmitt
Tunny fishing for beginners SBC Community Programme
Whales & Whaling Arthur G Credland
White-Tipped Orange Masts-a time of change 1970-1972 Peter K Prybot
Yorkshire Fisherfolk Peter Frank
Yorkshire Fishing Fleets A Godfrey
Yorkshire Fishing Fleets Red Folder
Yorkshires Whaling Days Jack Dykes

Cruise and Passenger vessels - C
British Paddle Steamers Geoffrey Body
Classic Liners of Yesterday unknown
Cruise Ship Guide 2003 unknown
The Great Britain KT Rowland
The Saga of the SS Great Britain John O'Callaghan

Yachts and Sailing Ships - YS
Cruising under Sail Eric Hiscock
Dutch Yachts in the Future H Kersken
Jib & Mizzen no 8 Feb 2009 The Albert Strange Association
Jib & Mizzen no 9 Jan 2010 The Albert Strange Association
Sailing Craft of the British Isles Roger Finch
Sailing Ships Simon Goodenough
Saltwater Palaces Maldwin Drummond
The Sailing Ship Rosemary and Colin Mudie
The Windiammers Oliver E Allen

Naval - N
A Narrative of the voyage of HMS Beagle London Folio Society
Armada 1588-1988 The official catalogue National Maritime Museum
Battle Alastair Revie, Thomas Foster, Burton Graham
British Warships and Auxilaries Mike Critchley
Famous Sea Battles Janet Tierney
Flagship Hood Gwynedd Archive Services
Growing up in World War Two Deb Martin
Instructions for British Servicemen in France 1944 Foreign Office London
Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II Antony Preston
Jane's Pocket Book 1 Major Warships John e Moore
Naval Cannon John Munday
Pursuit Ludovic Kennedy
The 50-Gun Ship-a complete history Rif Winfield
The English Admiral etc Sir A T Quiler Couch
The English Admirals Robert Louis Stevenson
The Kings Brittania John Irving
The Mary Rose - A Guide Mary Rose Trust
The Wooden Fighten Ship E.H.H Archibald
Trafalgar-The Biography of a Battle Roy Adkins
Warships HPC Publishing

Shipbuilding, Shipping and guides - SH
British Shipping W Paul Clegg
Burntisland Shipbuilding Group Journal
Hunters of The Deep Timelife Books
Knots,  Splices and Fancy Work Chas L Spencer
Lloyd's Maritime Directory Volumn 2
Lloyd's Maritime Directory
Manual of Seamanship vol 1 admiralty
Paddle Steamers Bernard Cox
Sailors' Rope Mats from yarns, strands & sennit Robert Jackson
Sailors' Rope Mats from yarns, strands & sennit Des Pawson MBE
Seventeenth century rigging  R G Anderson
Ships Macdonald Educational
Skipper's Stand-By A F Fegen
Stockton -On-Tees J A Henderson
The Big Ship  Patrick Beaver
The Big Ships R M Wilson
The Birth of the Steamboat H P Spratt
The British Seafarer Michael Mason/Basil Greenhill/Robin Craig
The Ship Captain's Medical Guide Editor Charles Burland

Autobiographies, Biographies and Novels - A
Beyond the Deep sea Tony East
Coasting Jonathan Raban
Deep as the Sea Joy Packer
Drake Ernle Bradford
Fisher Blue Eric J Pinder
From Shore to Shore Peter Hogg & Harold Appleyard
George Bass 1771-1803 John Bailey (Editor)
Home from Sea Godfrey Winn
It's a Bonny Wee Trawler For Me Tony East
Lethal Lozenges and Tainted Tea John Postgate
My Story by Winnie Cook Winnie Cook
Sailing for Home Jonathan Raban
Seven Tenths-The Sea and its Thresholds James Hamilton-Paterson
The Flither Pickers Theresa Thomlinson
The Ghosts of Plymouth Nancy Hammonds
The lone Voyage of Betty Mouat Roderick Grant
The Master Mariner Monsarrat
To endless night Webster
William James Boddy York Artist (1832-1911) Anne & Paul Bayliss
William Scoresby Arctic Scientist Tom&Cordelia Stamp

Marine Conservation - MC
Cayton Bay Trail NE Yorkshire Geology Trust
Coastline Britain's threatened heritage Greenpeace publication
Coasts and Estuaries Richard Barnes
Facing the ocean Barry Cunliffe
Green World Green Party
Marine Conservation Marine Conservation Society
Secrets of the Seashore Reader's Digest
The Hamlyn Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils
The Sea Shore Nancy scott
Turning the Tide David Bellamy/Brendan Quayle

Shipwrecks - SW
Cornish Shipwrecks (Illustrated) Cyril Noall/Grahame Farr
Shipwrecks around Land's End Richard and Bridget Larn
Shipwrecks Falmouth to Looe Richard and Bridget Larn
Shipwrecks of the Yorkshire Coast Arthur Godfrey&Peter J Lassey

Lifeboats and Coatguard - L
Co Ordinating Search and Rescue HM Coastguard
Lifeboat handbook H. Moyse-Bartlett MBE
Lifeboat In Dangers Hour Patrick Howarth
Mr Greathead's Lifeboats Adrian G Osler
The Lifeboat Service Patrick Howarth
The Lifeboat that died of shame Billy Inkwell Ashtray
The Story of the Scarborough Lifeboats Jeff Morris

Yorkshire Coast and Country - Y
A Rum Do! Patricia Labistour
An Earthwork survey of Seamer Manor House Archaeological and historical society
Aspects of the Yorkshire Coast Alan Whitworth
Cayton Bay Trail NE Geology Trust
Dalby Vally of Change John Rushton
Flamborough: Village and Headland various
Foul Deedsand Suspicious Deaths on the Yorks Coast Fred Taylor
Fylindales 1841 Fylingdales Local History Group
Fylingdales Census Returns 1851-1861 Fylingdales Local History Group
Geology of the Yorkshire Coast Stephen Young
Infamous Yorkshire Women Issy Shannon
Kirkbymoorside Times
Life on the Yorkshire Coast Ladybird 'Easy-Reading' Book
Peak in the Past Carol M Robinson
Piers and other Seafront Architecture Lynn  f Pearson
Piers of Disaster Martin Easdown
Saltburn Times Chris Scott Wilson
Staithes chapters from the history of a seafaring town John Howard
The Fishing Robsons Peter Robson
The history of Ravenscar and Staintondale F C Rimington
The Story of Foulbridge
The story of the East Riding of Yorkshire Horace Browne
The Victorian & Edwardian Seaside Janice Anderson and Edmund Swinghurst
The Yorkshire Coast David B Lewis
The Yorkshire Coast from the air Trevor Sanderson
Trods of the North Yorks Moors Christopher P Evans
Whitby, Pickering & Scarborough Railway Gordon Bell
Yorkshire Coast Villages John Rushton
Yorkshire Coastal Memories Maureen Anderson

Model Ships - MS
Americal Ship Models V R Grimwood
Build Your Own Radio-Controlled Yacht Bryn Heveldt
English Warships A Guyvercoe
How to make Clipper Ship Models Edward  W Hobbs
How to Make Old Time Ship  Models Edward  W Hobbs
Making Model Ships Ward Lock
Model Boat Building F J Camm
Model Power Boats Edward  W Hobbs
Model Steamers and Motorboats Percival Marshall & co
Modelling Tudor Ships R K Battson
Scale Model Sailing ships John Bowen
Ship Models G Fox Smith
Shipbuilding in Miniature Percival Marshall
The Built up Ship Model Charles G Davis
The Discovery of Ship Models Norman Boyd
The Model Boat Book G H Deason
The Model Shipbuilders Manual of Fittings and Guns Captain A P Isard
Toy Boats Basil Harley

Exploration - E
Adrift in Caledonia Nick Thorpe
At the Mercy of the Sea Lisa Clayton
Bold Man of the Sea Jim Shekhdar
Breton Folk Henry Blackburn and Randolph Caldecott
Coasters around Britain Bernard McCall
Eight Men and a Duck Nick Thorpe
FRAM Normanns Kunstforlag
Old Glory Jonathan Raban
Passage to Juneau Jonathan Raban
Pioneers of the Seven Seas Alan Villiers
River Dog Mark Shand
Sailing for Home Theo Dorgan
Sea Roon Adam Nicolson
Seeking Robinson Crusoe Tim Severn
Slowly Down The Ganges Eric Newby
The China Voyage Tim Severn
The Cruise Of The Amaryllis G.H.P. Muhlhauser
The Endurance Caroline Alexander
The Eventful Narative of Capt William Stockell Valerie Freeman
The Mayflower Vernon Heaton

Shipping Magazine - SM
Shipping Magazine March 2003 John M Young
Shipping Magazine May 2003 John M Young

Maritime History - MH
A History of Piracy Robert de la Crox
Beside the sea Peter Ashley
Britain's Historic Coast Alison Gale
Cherish the Sea Jean de la Varende
Coastal Craft Maurice Wilson
Coasting Donald Kneebone
Coasting Barge Master A W Roberts
Coopers and Coppering Ken Kilby
Discovering Maritime Museums and Historic Ships M K Stammers
East Coast Shipping AAC Hedges
East Indiamen Sir Evan Cotton
Frank Meadow Sutcliff B Eglonshaw
From Sail to Steam
Guide to Britain's Maritime Past Anthony Burton
Heraldic Scroll of England and Wales
Historic Ships (Shire 200 Album) M K Stammers
International Newsletter of Maritime History Various
Kon-Tiki Museum guide
Le Genues de la Mer Beaux arts magazine
Liners, Tankers & Merchant Ships Ron&Marlene Freethy
Manual of Seamanship Vol 1 1937
Maritime Britain Paul Heiney
Maritime England Michael Shea
Maritime History of Britain and Irelans c400-2001 Ian Friel
Moat Defensive D P Capper
Other Maritime Museums SMHC
Picturesque Harbours Dr Raymond Solly
Pirateology Captain William Lubber
Scarborough & Whitby Breweries Ewart Brookes
Seamen's Missions: Their origin and early growth Roald Kverndal
Seamen's Missions: Their origin and early growth JamesHamilton-Paterson
Ships Frank Dodman
Ships, Shipping and Fishing G F Bosworth
Spirit of Sail-on board the great sailing ships John Dyson
Steamboats (Shire 167 Album) M K Stammers
Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany Julian Stockwin
The China Bird David MacGregor
The English Coastal Trade T S Willan
The English Medieval Town Colin Platt
The History and Archaeology of Ports Gordon Jackson
The Oxford Companion to British History Edited by John Cannon
The PastAfloat Anthony Burton
The Pictorial History of Ships J H Martin
The Shape of Ships William McDowell
The Ship. Her Story W clark russell
The Surgeons Mate John Woodall
The Unnatural History of the Sea Prof Callum Roberts
The Viking Ships in Oslo Thorleif SjØvold
Transatlantic Paddle Steamers H P Spratt
Twee Zelfvarende Modelscheepjes G Van Schaick Zillesen
Western Gateway Stuart Mountfield

Robert Miller

Atlas and Reference - R
A list of books, pamphlets and manuscripts in Whitby Museum lit and phil
Architects and civil engineers of 19th century Anne & Paul Bayliss
Attention All Shipping Charles Connelly
Book of the Seaside the AA
Concise Atlas Oxford University Press
Dictionary of British History Wordsworth
Dictionary of Pub Names Wordsworth Reference
Falconer's Marine Dictionary (1780) William Falconer
Homilies Unknown
Lighthouses David Wilkinson&Martin Boyle
Listening to the past, Speaking to the Future MLA
Modern School Atlas George Philip and Son
Muirs Historical Atlas George Philip and Son
North York Moors  Holiday Geology Map Earthwise publication
Olsen's Fisherman's Nautical Almanack
Olsens Fishermans Nauticla Almanack Olsens
Olsens Fishermans Nauticla Almanack Olsens
Railway Locomotives Ernest F Carter
Road Atlas of Great Britain Ordenance Survey
Road Atlas of the British Isles the AA
Scarborough and Whitby Holiday Geology Map Earthwise publication
Sea and Coastal Birds (Eggs and Nests) Jiri Felix
Statlas UK Ordenance Survey
The Case against Railway Nationalisation Edwin A Pratt
Thunder Cat Jetsport Racing
Webster's Dictionary
Yorkshire Maps and Plans in the Archive of the University o f Hull Brian Dyson

Oversize - O
Kingston Upon Hull Humberside County Libraries and Amenities
Seaside Resorts in Humberside David Cookson
The Best of the Fishing Years Alec Gill
The Best of the Good Old Days Hull Daily Mail
The Rise of the Fishing Industry in Humberside Ian Sutherland
Aberdeen Harbour Regional Resource
Yorkshire Coast and North York Moors Lisa Pritchard
Yorkshire from Above Adele McConnel
An Atlas of Rural Settlementt in England Brian K Roberts and Stuart Wrathmell

Archive - A
A Complete Set of Nautical Tables J W Norie

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